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Fellowship Groups

The three churches offer a variety of additional group activites. Quick descriptions are below but please feel free to contact Pastor Marvin at 475-2631, or if you have any questions or would like to start additional bible study or fellowship groups.

Several times a year, adult groups from the Steele church come together to study the bible.  There are groups that meet at various times.  The times the scope of the studies change rapidly, if you would like to join in a Bible Study please contact 475-2631 for times and dates.

STR Youth Group


Our youth ministry for grades 7-12 meets weekly on Wednesday nights throughout the school year. The youth take part in community service and mission projects throughout the year. In addition, at least once a year the Youth go on a Mission Trip. This is open to all youth grades 7-12 that have been a part of the youth ministry during the school year.


STEELE UMW   Steele United Methodist Women meets every third Wednesday each month at 1:00 pm . The UMW is focused on personal bible study and fundraising for local and national charities.


TUTTLE UMW  Tuttle United Methodist Women meet once a month. Meetings consist of sharing, studying the bible and and contributing to people, organizations, and charitable events with our words and works.

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